Notice of termination

We hope that you have enjoyed staying with us. For all rooms there is 1 full calendar months' notice, meaning that you will have to terminate the contract at least 1 month in advance. Special rules apply for leaving in june when you choose to leave by 9th january and mid june and only pay half a months rent.

You always pay full months rent and you have to tell us one month in advance that you want to move out.

Example 1: You want to move out by the 15 october. You will have to tell us before september ends and you pay a full months rent in october.

Example 2: If you want to move out by the 15 october and you tell us october 2nd, you will have to pay rent until the last of november.

NOTE! If you are moving out before 10th of January or the 15th of June there are special rules. Please get in touch with the housing office at Malmö Högskola to get to know more.

You need to terminate your contract the latest at the end of April for June.

Notice of termination

Have you enjoyed your stay with us? obligatoriskt

The cleaning inspection is usually made the last working day of the month and that day only. Information regarding times and dates is put at every floor. If you want/can be present the set time you need to inform MKB with an email.

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