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  • How do I register as a housing applicant?
  • The rent was increased by 1.85% - April 2020
    There is always a small annual increase in negotiation with Hyresgästföreningen (who represents all tenants).
    This year the rent is increased by 1.85 per cent from 1 April 2020.
    If you have a direct debit, please remember that you have the correct amount in the account.
    The tenants was informed through the invoice, a notice in the stairwell and a short text on the website.
  • International payment
    You need the following information to pay your rent from a foreign bank:
    • Bank: Nordea
    • IBAN: SE72 9500 0099 6042 0879 5445
    • BIC (former: swift): NDEASESS
  • Vermin report - new procedure
    New procedure for reporting vermin from March 15th 2018.
    New procedure!
    We are now establishing an easier way for you to report vermin. Earlier you had to go through our pest control company, but as from March the 15th we will handle your report at MKB.
    Do I have to report being affected by vermin?
    Yes, as soon as possible! Bugs belong in nature and not in your flat. If you suspect your flat is affected by vermin, you are bound by law to report it. They may spread to other flats, causing more trouble.
    How do I file a report after March the 15th? 
    When you suspect your flat is affected by vermin – make direct contact with us! Use the form at Mina Sidor or call ​Customer Services​​​ 040-31 33 00.
    Examples of typical vermin are bed bugs, cockroaches, ants and silverfish.
    When customer service has received my report – what happens next?
    We will place a work order with our pest control company, and they will get in touch with you to make an appointment for the inspection/decontamination. Different kinds of vermin are dealt with in different ways. How the decontamination is carried out will depend on which kind is affecting you.
    Do I have to pay for the decontamination?
    No, being our customer, the service is free of charge – don’t hesitate to contact us if you suspect any vermin in your home.
    Please note!
    The most common kinds of vermin don’t like light. If you air the rooms, and let in lots of light, the vermin won’t thrive very well. Avoid having the Venetian blinds down or the curtains drawn in the daytime.
  • This applies to student tenants at MKB
    If you are a student looking for a student apartment:
    To search for an apartment at MKB you must be registered with Boplats Syd, which is a municipal housing Agency.
    You register at Boplats Syd's website, see link: Boplats Syd
    For more information ​Facts​​​
  • How do I do if I want to get an apartment with MKB?
    To search for an apartment at MKB you must be registered with Boplats Syd, which is a municipal housing Agency.
    You register at Boplats Syd's website, see link: Boplats Syd
    All our available apartments are accessible for search there. We use a queuing system through them. It costs 300 kronor per year to be in the queue system.
    Your waiting time starts from the date your payment is registered with Boplats Syd.
    Please note that registration is personal and the fellow applicant can not be credited with any queue.
    If you have further concerns regarding queuing rules, you can turn to Boplats Syd: at 010-20 22 500.
    For more info or instruction videos Click here
  • I cannot find out how to complete my profile so i can apply for apartments? How do I do that?
    All our apartments can be found on ​Boplats Syd​​​ and if you have any qestions regarding your profile there,  you need to contact them since we are two different companies and do not have access to their system.

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