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International housing

Welcome to International housing Welcome to Malmö Welcome Home!

We, MKB, are glad to welcome you to our student community, and we hope you will have a pleasant stay with us.

If you have questions or need help with anything, don’t hesitate to call, email or drop by the office and we will help you.

About MKB Fastighets AB

MKB is with 33 percent of the rental market, Malmö’s largest real estate company with apartments and commercial premises all over the town. The company is owned by the city of Malmö.

We look forward to meet you!


Before your arrival you need to arrange a time with us when you can sign the lease contract and pick up the keys to your apartment.

Where and how

We meet at our office at Rönnblomsgatan 11.

For bookings contact: Hanna.Tuvesson@mkbfastighet.se

Inventory list

Inventory lists are placed in every room. On arrival and departure, make sure everything on the list is there. If not, make an fault report to us and we will replace it.

Pay your rent

Be sure to always pay your rent, it is payed in advance by the end of each month.

How to pay

Your invoice ("avi" in swedish) will be sent to you in the middle of the month by e-mail. Please be careful to not delete this e-mail! Due to limitations in our computer system the rent slip is in Swedish only.

An image of our rent slip with the important details translated into English. (Bild, 63 kB)

No payment confirmation. Please note that you will not receive a payment confirmation from MKB Fastighets AB. However, you will be contacted if there is any problem with your transfer.
Further questions If you have questions regarding how to pay your rent, please send an email to the credit group on MKB. hyresadministration@mkbfastighet.se
International payment
Name of Bank: Nordea
Account number: 9960 42 08795445
IBAN number: SE7295000099604208795445
Beneficiarys full name: MKB Fastighets AB
Receivers address: MKB Fastighets AB, 202 14 Malmö

NOTE! Make sure to always pay the rent in time. If you have more than one month unpaid rent it can lead to MKB noticing of terminating your lease contract! If there is exchange differences make sure to just add the missing amount to the next payment.

Fault report/complaint

Contact information with telephone numbers and emails is placed on every floor.

How to get in touch

Tags for entrance to MKB Rönnen (our office) is placed on every floor so that you can borrow one when needed - return it after use.

Inventory list are placed in every room. On arrival and departure, make sure everything on the list is there. If not, make an fault report to us and we will replace it.

If major problems (that can`t wait to be fixed outside of working hours) occur, please see contact board on each floor for more information.

Cleaning and garbage disposal

We provide cleaning of the common areas weekly. For everyone's satisfaction please make sure to always clean and clear away after yourself.

This is how

Garbage is not allowed in the corridor and it's your responsibility to continuously make sure that your garbage ends up in the environmental building.

Please sort and recycle your garbage to help us protect the environment!

Floor inspecitions

You need to participate to make sure that the common areas are OK when the cleaning is checked at the floor inspections. MKB do floor inspections every monday morning.

Moving out

To make sure that we end our relationship in a good way thare are a few things to take notice upon.

What you need to do

Leaving your keys
If you can be present for the inspections that is great! You have until 12:00 the day after your contract terminates to leave your keys in the MKB mailbox at your floor if you cannot be present the set date of inspections.

Put all the keys that you signed for in an envelope with name and room number.

Cleaning instructions
The room shall be cleaned properly by following the cleaning instructions (PDF-dokument, 222 kB).

Cleaning inspection
If your cleaning is not approved you will not get your entire deposit back. After MKB has done the inspection we inform the housing office at the University.

Empty all your things from your room and the kitchen. Leave nothing behind! Inventory lists are placed in every room. On arrival and departure, make sure everything on the list is there. If not, make an fault report to us and we will replace it.

Notice of termination

We hope that you have enjoyed staying with us. For all rooms there is 1 full calendar months' notice, meaning that you will have to terminate the contract at least 1 month in advance.

Notice of termination

Learn more or fill in the form

You always pay full months rent and you have to tell us one month in advance that you want to move out.

Example 1: You want to move out by the 15 october. You will have to tell us before september ends and you pay a full months rent in october.

Example 2: If you want to move out by the 15 october and you tell us october 2nd, you will have to pay rent until the last of november.

To notice of termination

General facts

Facts about Internet, bicycles, mailbox and more.

All the facts

MKB-net is included at Rönnen and all you need is a cable. If you have a double room you might also need a switch, they should be in your room. In case of a problem or if you have any questions call, MKB-Net: 040-31 35 00.

Indoor temperature
Sweden is a cold country and we understand that some experience our indoor chilly during the winter months. MKB has a standard indoor climate that should be at approximately 20 degrees, measured from the center of the room a meter up. Our recommendation is not to cover the radiator or place furniture in front of it, so the hot air can circulate.

On the side of the radiator is a temperature sensor that can be turned to increase the temperature, but it is not until the end of October/ November.

Do not leave windows open for too long during winter months, cold air also cools the rooms. Make sure your windows are properly closed. If you are missing a knob to your radiator your can contact us and we will arrange so you have one.

Smoking is strictly prohibited indoors. Balconies are located on each floor at Rönnen and the cigarettes should end up in the existing ashtrays.

Bicycles is only allowed outdoors. We recommend that you keep your bicycle locked at all times.

All rooms are equipped with fire detectors. Your responsibility is to make sure the detector has a functioning battery. If the detector makes short signals, the battery needs to be replaced.

Make sure you know where the nearest emergency exit is located for everyone’s safety. In case of fire, follow the evacuation instructions placed on each floor! Emergency number: 112

Rent increase
There is an annual rent increase and rent is subject to change during spring semester. If you paid the rent several months in advance, you don´t have to do anonther transfer for just this amount, we can take it from your deposit when moving out.

Public transportation
Please note that you can't pay with cash on buses in Skåne. If you want to travel by bus you can buy a travel card (Jojo card) or download the "Skånetrafiken" app to your smartphone. The traffic is operated by Skånetrafiken.

Public transportation to/from the university and central Malmö is easily accessible. The bus goes about every 5-10 minutes near Rönnen and at Värnhem. Biking to the university is approximately 15 minutes.

At Rönnen your name-sticker will be given to you on arrival. Make sure you put it on your postbox by the main entrance in your building. Your postbox is marked with your lease number.

Get in touch

We would love to hear from you. Feel free to contact us for fault reports, questions or suggestions. If you can't get in touch by phone, just send us an email and we'll get back to you!

Mail, phonenumbers etc

Hanna Tuvesson

Student coordinator for Stapelbädden student and International Rönnen.

E-mail: hanna.tuvesson@mkbfastighet.se
Phone: 040-31 37 87

Major issue out of office hours

If there is a major issue during out of office hours - contact Stadsfastigheter emergency number: 040 - 34 70 00.


Questions regarding your broadband please contact MKB Net support.
Phone: 040-31 35 00

Your rent

Questions regarding your rent, please contact the credit team at MKB.
E-mail: mail.kreditgruppen@mkbfastighet.se

Our office

You are welcome to visit our office at Rönnblomsgatan 11.